“See Prague from the darker side”

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Well, here it is. The accumulation of every photographic technique I have learned during this class. My magnum opus of sorts — my final project.

Prague Special Tours offers several types of tours, including a ghost tour, a communism and nuclear bunker tour, a beer tour, and an underground tour. I had decided to do my final project on the ghost tours because it seemed the most appealing to me.

“I used to work for other tour services. But then I finally realized my ideas couldn’t take shape so I started my own company.”   —Ivan Galik, Prague Special Tours owner

Galik designed all of the tours himself, writing the scripts and picking stops along the tours. His story is entrepreneurship and creativity at its best. He saw a way to make improvements and refused to give up until they were realized and has been rewarded with a successful and thriving business.

“We had to mix theoretical research with logistics to start this business. I looked at the research and also where in town I wanted the tour to go. I put the two together to see what we could do.”   —Galik

He is enthusiastic about his work. The ghost stories and legends are based on research about Prague that he himself carried out so that the tour can carry a history lesson along with it. The ghost tour script in English transitions flawlessly from a terrifying ghost tale to a lighthearted joke. The knowledgeable and friendly guide brought the script to life. The time put into the tours is evident. Several ghosts and ghouls pop out at tourists as they pass by. Just when I thought no one would get scared on the tour, someone screamed bloody murder.

“All of the tours were designed by me — they are not copies. Everything, down to the costumes, is typical medieval Prague. Other ghost tour services use costumes reminiscent of old England but that isn’t what Prague is about.”          —Galik

The tour snakes through the back streets of Old Town. Old Town Square itself is crowded with tourists and lacks the ambiance of a ghost tour. However, just a couple of blocks away the ghost tour walks along secluded streets from site to site.

Prague Special Tours is a true success story. After all, I am sure the American Dream has a sibling called the Czech Dream — and this tour service is living it for sure.

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